Health Center

Lauren Davis MSN, RN
School Health Services

2020-2021 School Nurse Schedule:

Monday-------------------------- James Love704-476-8385 (Or ext 7751)

Tuesday-------------------------- Turning Point704-476-8399(Or ext 7791)

Wednesday-----------------------James Love704-476-8385 (Or ext 7751)

Thursday------------------------- James Love704-476-8385 (Or ext 7751)

Friday-----------------------------Turning Point / James Love

704-476-8399   704-476-8385

I can be contacted at the schools listed above, by email at [email protected] or on my work cell at 704-472-9750

ó I will make every effort to notify you in advance of any changes or variations in this schedule. For any questions about scheduling, please contact Linda Kiser (School Health Supervisor) @ 980-484-5211.